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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

The sight of the popcorn ceiling might leave you feeling underwhelmed, but there is something that you can do to improve your situation! Popcorn ceilings were popular for decades, but have since become a less appealing feature in households and businesses throughout our country. Boise Drywall Contractor is here to help you through the difficult and tedious popcorn ceiling removal process. Our team is equipped with the tools, skills, and the patience needed to remove your popcorn ceiling quickly and completely. The step of popcorn ceiling removal is not the only time-consuming aspect that is involved in the process, instead you will be faced with a long cleanup as well.

Aesthetic Benefits

Popcorn ceilings have historically been a popular addition to homes and businesses’ roofs. The application of popcorn ceiling has become less appealing due to the visual disadvantages that they provide homeowners with. Popcorn texture is not an easy surface for homeowners to clean, meaning that the textured ceiling can collect dust and leave shadows. Removing this unnecessary texture can instantly lighten a room and leave you with a more open feeling space. Along with the visual benefits that come with popcorn ceiling removal, you will also be left with a more desirable feature, adding value to any space.

Why Remove Popcorn Ceiling?

The outdated look of popcorn ceilings can leave homeowners with unfortunate drawbacks. Popcorn ceilings are textured surfaces that leave owners with the difficult task of cleaning and maintaining the surface. Instead of investing time and energy in maintaining an outdated feature, you can instead invest in the efficient and affordable removal of the texture. Our team has the experience and tools needed to completely rid your ceiling of the popcorn texture and complete a full cleanup of the property, leaving you with popcorn free ceilings.

Dirty Job

Removing your popcorn ceiling texture can be difficult! Not only does it require proper technique, but it requires a large effort when it comes to the full cleanup of the process. Our team is prepared to handle this job and exceed expectations of clients with our comprehensive popcorn ceiling removal services. You might be able to find a removal tutorial on the internet, but the steps require acquired skills to avoid the damage that can be caused by inexperienced contractors. Our team is comprised of highly tenured drywall contractors who have proven their skill and value for over ten years of service.

Our Team

When you choose to invest in the removal of popcorn ceiling in your home, you are choosing to add value to your property. Our team is highly skilled in the messy process of popcorn ceiling removal and has a positive record of successfully completed projects. We hire, train, and equip our team with high-end tools and cleanup accessories to make your removal process efficient! Trust the team at Boise Drywall Contractor to meet and exceed your expectations by calling or clicking your way to our customer care agents now.