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Drywall Repair

Knowing the proper steps that are involved in drywall repair is essential to retaining lasting and strong results. When you choose to work with Boise Drywall Contractor you are working with the premier drywall repair specialist in Boise, ID. From small defects to large holes, your drywall repairs are taken care of with precision. We work with clients to find affordable and effective solutions for holes, water damage, cracks, splinters, bumps and bulges, and more to better serve the needs of our clients. Find the right solution for your drywall repair by calling our customer care agents today!

Drywall Patch

Boise Drywall Contractor team members can identify the size and severity of your drywall hole, and allocate a professional repair service to fit the needs of the surface. The size of the puncture in the drywall will determine the steps that will be taken to repair the surface. Repairing small holes that are less than 8 inches can be done with the help of drywall patching! Drywall patching offers long-lasting and comprehensive repair results that will leave you with a seamless finished product. Drywall holes should be repaired promptly to prevent further damage that can be caused and increase aesthetic value.

Wall Texture

Repairing drywall texture that has been damaged or improperly applied is a task that Boise Drywall Contractors are up to. We offer comprehensive wall texture repair services to better serve our community members. Our wall texture results are of high quality and long-lasting. Wall texture repairs are completed with the utilization of mud and a drywall knife. We take the time to match the surrounding texture and keep the aesthetic of the entire wall uniform. Our wall texture repairs are customizable depending on the diverse needs of our clients.

Drywall Hole Repair

Drywall holes that span over 8 inches require a larger repair process than smaller punctures. Drywall hole repairs can involve the removal of a square area of the drywall and a complete replacement to ensure that the damaged area is not compromised. Our team can assess the needs of all damaged areas, offer repair solutions, and complete the task with superior results. It is important to identify the source of damage and ensure that there is no possibility of further damage. Addressing the main cause of water damage is essential when it comes to preventing further water damage and a higher cost of repair.

Sheetrock Repair

Sheetrock repairs are affordable and efficient when taken on by our team members! We work with new construction and clients working on renovations to deliver sheetrock repair and installation results that are high quality. For over ten years we have proudly served our community and beyond. Our sheetrock repair services offer you the best result for competitive rates. Over and over we have been able to find innovative and effective solutions to better suit the needs of our commercial and residential clients. Leave your sheetrock repair service to Boise Drywall Contractors and see the difference sooner than ever.