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Acoustical and Fire Sealants

Finding a solution for your noise proofing needs is easy when you work with Boise Drywall Contractor! Our team has the right sealant for you to help with unnecessary acoustical noise. Soundproofing your walls not only helps keep unwanted noise out of spaces, but it increases the overall value of your commercial or residential space. Fire sealants are applied to help reduce and remove the potential for spreading fire between structures. If you require professional sealant application we suggest that you book a free, no-pressure consultation with one of our drywall experts.

Acoustical Sealant

Created with the intent to minimize the transmission of sound, the acoustical sealant could be the solution for your noise proofing needs. An acoustical sealant is applied to ceilings, walls, floors, and more leaving you with soundproof results. You are sure to benefit from the lower levels of sound transmission! We offer a non-flammable sealant that is specifically designed to reduce disruption from room to room. The acoustical sealants used by our team are flexible and able to safely and securely adhere to wood, concrete, metal studs, and a variety of other building materials making it a great solution for most clients.

Sound Absorption

The main function of your acoustical sealant is to stop the transfer of sound. The sealant does this by absorbing sound and vibration before the noise leaving the room. Sound absorption benefits a variety of different homeowners looking to keep the noise in the space to a minimum including at-home gyms, music studios, commercial properties, and more. You will be delivered an effective and long-lasting solution for your noise containment needs when you choose to apply acoustical sealants to your space. We offer competitive rates and exceptional customer service to accompany all sealant services.


Sealing your residential and commercial space with a fire sealant is the best way to reduce potential hazards and the quick spread of fire. Fireproofing walls, floors, or other features with a high-quality sealant is a proven method of containing potential damage and impeding the spread of smoke and flames. The application of your fire sealant is done with precision and accuracy, leaving you with a completely protected commercial or residential space. We offer comprehensive packages that meet and exceed the needs of clients throughout the Boise area. Fire sealant provides you with an additional layer of protection that is necessary to stop the rapid growth and transfer of flames and smoke.

Fire Sealant Installation

Trained and qualified individuals who have the tools to complete the process complete all sealant installation procedures. We ensure that the proper steps are taken to provide our commercial and residential clients with lasting results for all fire sealant projects. By choosing professional installation, you are providing your property with the best chances to impede the spread of fire and smoke. Fire sealant contractors that work with Boise Drywall Contractor are ready and able to help you through your installation process today! So call our care team at the number provided below and begin your journey today.