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The highest level of care and attention is paid to each and every project that Boise Drywall Contractor takes on. We stand behind our results ensuring that our residential and commercial clients are delivered the very best experience possible. We take our customer service very seriously. Not only do we take the time to understand the needs of our clients, but we also take the steps necessary to provide our customers with durable and lasting contractor results. Speak to our professional contractors now to book your very own individual consultation and see the different types of service that we provide to all clients no matter the size of the project.
From meticulous attention to detail to skilled craftsmanship, our team ensures every project is completed to the highest standards
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About Us

No matter the size of the project that you have, you can find the services that you need with a qualified, licensed contractor. Our team has provided community members with high-quality drywall and sheetrock installation and repair results for over ten years with glowing results. Our team is known for our high standard and demanding superior results for all customers that we service. For over ten years we have been the go-to contractor for service in the Boise area and beyond. We will continue to innovate and expand our services as is relevant to the needs of our community members. We look forward to helping you through your installation, renovation, and more!

Our Services

With many services offered, we truly cater to the diverse needs of our customers. Finding appropriate solutions for residential and commercial customers is an essential service that we have proudly provided for over ten years in our local Boise, Idaho and surrounding area. With the intent of providing superior results for competitive pricing, we have built a strong reputable business in Boise. Our services include but are not limited to, drywall services, taping and texturing, popcorn ceiling removal, and sealant application. Our offerings are not limited to the above services but instead include a diverse and customizable list of services that can fit the needs of varying degrees of residential and commercial clients.

When removing existing drywall we also evaluate the efficiency of your insulation. If your home seems to be drafty, we can refer you to the best insulation contractor Boise has to offer. Call us today and we would love to answer your questions and share our expertise with you!

Residential Drywall Service

Finding the right contractor to meet and exceed your expectations is easy when you choose to work with Boise Drywall Contractor. Our team is dedicated to finding appropriate solutions for clients throughout our community. We work tirelessly to innovate and offer effective drywall solutions for residential clients throughout Boise. Our residential customers can take advantage of many of our services! From drywall repair to drywall finishing, you are sure to find the right solution for your home. We will do your entire project- from installing sheetrock all the way up to the final texturing. We will ensure that you get the professional job that you are expecting.
When we hang your sheetrock we will make sure its even and seamless. We ensure we leave no air bubbles or uneven areas in our tape work. And we check and double check our sanding job to make sure it is perfectly smooth and ready for texture and paint. Not sure about what kind of texture your design calls for? We can give you several sample textures to choose from and help you make the best option for you dream home.

Commercial Drywall Service

Your business deserves the very best service, and when it comes to choosing a provider for your commercial drywall needs there is no superior company than Boise Drywall Contractor. We are committed to delivering only the highest level of service. Commercial spaces are prone to receiving more traffic; this additional traffic affects the amount of wear and tear, and often damage, that walls will receive.
When a first time customer enters your place of business, make sure that you are giving them the best first impression possible. Have a dream of remodeling your offices to better suit your business? Let us handle all of your sheetrock, tape and texture and repair work! We will make your space look new – no one will even know you moved that wall! Depending on the needs of our client we can customize each service to fit the situation at hand! Your commercial space is truly in the best hands with our talented drywall experts. Call us today for a free estimate!

Taping and Texturing

Our professional tenured drywall experts best serve your drywall installation and repair processes. This is exactly what we offer, high-quality taping, and texturing services to fit the real needs of our community members. Taping and texturing your walls is an essential step to complete the aesthetic and function of your space! Finishing your drywall brings the process together, and leaves you with smooth, appealing walls that are ready to be adorned with the paint color of your dreams! Getting that perfectly smooth, flawless finish is very difficult. Our experts are detail oriented and won’t leave a job until they are satisfied with the outcome. Let us give your dream home the perfect blank canvas for you to make your dreams a reality. Call us today for a free estimate!

Drywall Repair

Accidents happen! Drywall has often been the recipient of cracks, holes, and damage throughout years of use. An elbow from kids rough housing, moving a couch in the living room, or a new puppy that chews on everything – damaged walls are a part of life! When it comes to repairing your drywall there is no better provider than our experienced team. We offer high-value drywall repair services to best fit your budget and desired results. Drywall repairs can be completed with patches or replacement of sheetrock. With a complete assessment we will be able to allocate the proper procedure and deliver results that will stand the test of time. We will match the new texture with the existing old texture in a flawless blend and no one will be the wiser! Call us today for a free estimate!

Call us today to speak to one of our friendly customer service reps and receive a free, no-obligation quote!

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Texture can add design and interest to walls and ceilings, however, popcorn ceiling texture is old and dated. Popcorn ceilings can be full of asbestos and dangerous to your health. Popcorn ceilings also trap odors and smells. The removal of the popcorn ceiling texture is very very messy and can be difficult! With a simple call to our experts you will be delivered mess-free results sooner than ever. We will remove the texture and take it all away. Leaving no mess for you behind! Forget an overwhelming cleanup or multi-day process, instead, take advantage of our sensational prices and efficient service. Call us today for a free estimate!

Acoustical and Fire Sealants

Adding acoustical and fire sealants to your property will not only affect the function of your space but also the value! See the many benefits that soundproofing can have on your office space, or residential room. Or adding a fire barrier in a garage or attached workshop can save lives and give the fire department time to respond. Our customer care team always has time to offer consultations and dig in the understand the right solution for your space. Call us today to discuss how a fire or acoustical sealant could benefit your home or business space! We are here to answer all of your questions.

Boise Drywall Contractor

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“Finding the right contractor for our drywall repairs was easy once we reached out to the team. They gave us a good feeling instantly and we saw their commitment to success follow through the entire experience. “ Helen O.

“After a DIY attempt, we decided to bring in the professionals for our sheetrock hanging. We were very happy with our entire experience and will use their services again in the future.” Owen D.

“We researched companies that could complete popcorn ceiling removal services in our community, but none compared to the glowing reputation of these guys. We have been happy with our experience from the very first point of contact. If you are looking for high-quality work for a reasonable rate, call them. Ronald R.

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Enjoy a professional sheetrock and drywall contracting service delivered with the highest level of customer care when you work with Boise Drywall Contractor. Our team is committed to reaching and exceeding the expectations of customers within our community and beyond. We are so proud of the reputation we have with all of our customers. We offer affordable and essential services to residential and commercial property owners throughout the Boise, Idaho area. We continue to expand and develop our offerings to align with our customers and better serve those who depend on our services. Contact us today for your free, comprehensive quote or to book your contractor service now! Our partners: ​Drywall Contractors Stockton & Plastering Hobart.